A Simplified Guide to Upcoming Changes at Companies House

Big Changes Ahead: A Clearer, Safer Business Environment

Companies House, the agency overseeing company registrations in the UK, is gearing up for some significant changes. Thanks to the new Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill, now a law, Companies House is set to play a larger role in preventing economic crime and ensuring businesses operate transparently and smoothly. This move is seen as one of the most substantial changes in the organization’s long history​​.

Simplified Filing and Identity Checks: What You Need to Know
  1. Streamlined Filing Options:
  1. Two Choices: Small businesses will now have just two filing options: for micro-entities and small companies. The option for ‘abridged accounts’ is being scrapped. This means all small companies, including the tiniest ones, must file their profit and loss accounts​​.
  2. Going Digital: The filing process will be entirely digital, with paper filings being phased out for most companies​​.
  1. Identity Verification:
  1. For Everyone: New and existing company directors, significant controllers, and those filing on behalf of companies will have to verify their identities​​.
  2. Ensuring Legitimacy: This step aims to make sure that the information on the register is genuine, which is crucial in stopping fraudulent companies from getting registered​​.
Enhanced Powers and Objectives: A More Reliable Register
  • New Objectives: Companies House will focus on ensuring accurate information on the register, compliance with document delivery requirements, preventing misleading public records, and thwarting unlawful company activities​​.
  • Increased Authority: They’ll have more power to scrutinize and reject incorrect information, enforce stronger checks on company names and addresses, and ensure that companies are formed for lawful purposes​​.
What’s Happening When?
  • Gradual Rollout: Although the bill is now law, not all changes will happen immediately. Some measures need more system development and secondary legislation​​.
  • Early Measures: Expect to see some changes like enhanced powers to query information and new rules for registered office addresses coming into force in early 2024​​.
  • Fee Changes: Companies House will increase some fees from early 2024, but they will still be among the lowest worldwide​​.
In Summary: Preparing for the Shift

These updates are a big step towards a more transparent and safe business environment in the UK. For small business owners, it means getting familiar with digital filing, preparing for identity verification, and understanding the new responsibilities and requirements. By staying informed and adapting to these changes, you can ensure your business remains compliant and benefits from the enhanced trust and transparency these measures aim to bring.

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