Why PaperRocket Accounting is the Ideal Choice for Contractors and Freelancers

Being a contractor or freelancer can feel like being a superhero – you’ve got special skills, the freedom to choose your missions, and the flexibility to work in your pyjamas (we won’t tell!). But just like superheroes have their trusty sidekicks, you need an accountant who understands your unique powers and challenges. Think sector-specific knowledge, a comprehensive, all-inclusive fee package that’s got your back, and an understanding of your unique lifestyle. That’s where we come in!

PaperRocket Accounting: We’re Not Your Average Bean Counters

At PaperRocket Accounting, we don’t do dull. We’re a small, owner-run team of fully qualified and regulated accountants (yeah, we’ve got all the necessary letters after our names), who specialise in helping contractors, freelancers, and small businesses blast off to financial success. You’re not just a number to us (although we do love numbers), you’re a valued part of our universe.

And because we know you’re busy saving the world (or at least your corner of it), we’ve partnered with FreeAgent, a leading accounting software, to make your accounting processes smoother than a freshly ironed cape.

Celebrating Our Victories: It’s Not Bragging If It’s True!

We’re not just all talk – we’ve got the awards to prove it. PaperRocket Accounting has been recognised as the “Best Contractor Accountancy” practice at The Contracting Awards, and our senior accountant, Nikki Norman, has been awarded “Best Contractor Accountant”. She’s our very own accounting superhero!

Meet the Rocketeers: Your Financial Sidekicks

At the helm of PaperRocket is our founder, Sarah Solo. She’s not just your average accountant – she’s a recognised industry expert with a passion for helping contractors and freelancers succeed. Nikki Norman, our award-winning senior accountant, is always ready to go the extra mile for our clients.

Smooth Sailing: Making the Move to PaperRocket

Switching accountants doesn’t have to be scarier than running out of coffee on a Monday morning. We’re here to ensure your transition to PaperRocket Accounting is as smooth as possible. Our team will guide you every step of the way, making the process a breeze.

Our Fans Speak: What Our Clients Say

Our clients have given us a stellar 5/5 rating – and we’re blushing from all the praise! They rave about our responsiveness, personability, and trustworthiness. As one client put it, “PaperRocket are excellent and super quick to answer questions or deal with any issues. I wouldn’t use anyone else.”

Join PaperRocket Today

So, ready to join our team of financial superheroes? At PaperRocket Accounting, we’re more than just an accountancy firm – we’re your partners in success. Whether you’re just starting out on your freelance journey or you’re a seasoned contractor, we’re ready to help you soar.

Why not get in touch with us today and experience the PaperRocket Accounting difference for yourself?

PaperRocket are a multi award winning accounting practice, and Accredited FreeAgent Practitioners. 

We specialise in providing friendly, non-accounting jargon, services for contractors, freelancers, sole traders, and landlords across the UK.

Our fixed fee monthly accounting packages all include a FreeAgent subscription as standard and unlimited support from your allocated accountant.

To find out how we can help you please get in touch now.

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